World’s 1st Ski Mask With Bone Conduction Audio

Listen to music while hearing what’s going on around you! Includes Bluetooth Intercom tech so you can stay connected with friends on the slopes.
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Take The Power Of Sound

To The Slopes

Using bone conduction for the ultimate in audio and Bluetooth 5.0 MESH Intercom technology, IceBRKR makes skiing or snowboarding more fun and safe. Listen to music or talk with friends, all while still being able to hear what’s going on around you!

Stay Connected

Bluetooth 5.0 MESH intercom tech lets you talk to up to 18 of your friends on the hill.

Entertainment On The Go

Listen to podcasts, music and anything else on your phone all while you’re skiing.

Voice Activation

Stay safer with a hands-free experience so that you’re in control without removing your gloves.

Patented Dual Lens Design

IceBRKR mimics the anatomical curvature of the eye so your view isn’t distorted.

Patented Connection

Using a patented behind-the-ears bone conduction transducer, IceBRKR is able to deliver the best sound experience while listening to music or making calls on the slopes.

Vibration Technology

The sound signals of voice and music are translated into vibrations which are transformed into high quality sound waves that are quite literally music to your ears!

Stereo Sound

The sound comes straight to you in stereo without the use of headphones or earbuds, making it a comfortable and enjoyable experience.


Smarter & Safer

Because IceBRKR uses bone conduction, your auditory canal remains free allowing you to still hear environmental noises and stay aware of your surroundings..

Easy Functionality

All control keys on the device are invisible but naturally accessible without having to remove your gloves or even look at the controls, keeping you focused on the trail..

No Glare

The polarized lens and Iridium lens coating work together to reduce glare and heighten contrast, making your runs easier when it’s sunny outside or when there’s a reflection off the snow.


Helmet Or No Helmet

IceBRKR works great whether you use it with a helmet or not. If you don’t have a ski helmet – IceBRKR will deliver great stereo sound through its bone conduction technology. If you do, then using the IceBRKR over your helmet will give you an incredible 360 degree sound experience.

Bluetooth 5.0 MESH Intercom Technology

IceBRKR features Bluetooth 5.0 MESH Intercom technology, commonly used by motorcycle enthusiasts who have to maintain voice contact with a fellow rider in the distance without taking their hands off the handlebars.  This means you’ll get crisp, clear sound up to 1km away.

Comfortable Fit

The patented elastic band that connects the bone conduction systems creates a constant pressure that won’t pinch or hurt. It doesn’t matter if you’re wearing a helmet, a wool cap, or nothing  at all… IceBRKR is the perfect bone conduction solution for the ultimate in sound and comfort..


bONE Tech. was founded by Marco and Massimo Collini, two brothers with a great passion for skiing and motorbikes. Looking for a way to keep connected on the slopes and enjoy music while still being able to hear what’s going on around them, the two discovered bone conduction technology and realized it was the solution to their problem. With an eye towards fashion and safety, the brothers created the IceBRKR. The IceBRKR has created a new passion in them to develop and patent stylish and innovative wearable sports products dedicated to producing excellent sound using bone conduction technology.

bONE Tech. is a lifestyle brand that creates an ultra-wearable user experience for techies, sports enthusiasts and connection-driven fashion moguls. bONE Tech. IceBRKR is proudly designed and engineered in Italy, land of the global leading eyewear brands. Our goal is to remain on the cutting edge of technology while making a sleek design unmarred by unsightly components. That way you see the fashion not the function.


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